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Jaime B. Berger Stender is an attorney of professional versatility who presides over a law firm of attorneys specializing in different areas of the penal, civil, labor and federal courts.

For 20 years, Mr. Jaime Berger's firm has successfully obtained maximum legal benefits for clients. This bilingual firm (conversing in both English and Spanish) with its thorough knowledge of Mexican and international law is particularly useful to non-Mexican citizens.

A man of considerable accomplishment in the international arena, Mr. Jaime Berger has intervened with different government offices to obtain working permits for non-Mexican citizens and has assisted clients in becoming legal resident aliens and/or investors in Mexico.

Mr. Jaime Berger is an interationally and locally prominent attorney who is respected for his history of professionalism, political activities and numerous publications.

He has handled admirality cases in such countries as Singapore and Guam. In Mexico, he has been head attorney for Banco Longoria, S.A. and Banco de Comericio, S.A. and has legally represented Red Cross International.

Jaime B. Berger Stender
Attorney at Law

1909 6th, Suite 301
Tijuana, B.C. Mexico 22000

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