Hiking & Biking Trips

The National Observatory in the
San Pedro de Martir Mountains

Stargazing At The National Observatory
Visit the National Observatory of Mexico and enjoy the flora and fauna of San Pedro de Martir National Park. Camping and day hiking are the activities. This is a very relaxing trip.
Price per person: $150 USD.

La Lobera Circuit
Combine a visit to Mission San Vicente Ferrer with exploration of the petroglyphs in La Llave and La Lobera caves and you will have a great adventure. Both mountain bikers and hikers welcome.
Price per person: $150 USD.

Waterfalls of San Pedro Martir National Park
This remote location offers backpacking through a riparian zone of Alder, Oaks, Pine and exotic ferns. The stream that we follow to a magnificent waterfall is filled with Rainbow Trout and abundant swimming holes. Participants must be in excellent physical condition.
Price per person: $150 USD.

Picacho del Diablo
A summit attempt of the highest peak in all of Baja, Picacho del Diablo. Backpack and climb through pristine Pine and Aspen forests to reach the incredible views of the Sea of Cortez to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. This trip is only for experienced backpackers in excellent physical condition.
Price per person: $150 USD.

Backpack Trip
Backpacking through the beautiful Sierra of San Pedro Martir. Visit Aspen Groves, viewpoints and the blue bottle (beginners and intermediate).
Price per person: $150 USD.

*Canyon Guadalupe & Oasis
Enjoy your own private hot spring in the middle of your campsite. Located in a remote canyon of the Sierra de Juarez this area provides excellent cave paintings and petroglyph opportunities as well as wonderful day hiking.
Price per person: $150 USD.

Laguna Hanson - Guadalupe Canyon - Laguna Hanson
Backpack down the easy trail to Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs, then hike back through the canyon up to Laguna de Hanson lake in the middle of Baja's high mountain pine and fir forests (only for experienced backpackers).
Price per person: $150 USD.

Ranch Hand Trip
Baja Rancho La Mentada. Be a Baja Californian Cowboy for a weekend! Or at least have fun trying to be one! Enjoy:
-Private accomodations
-Excellent food
-Transportation through dirt roads
-Horseback exploration
Price per person: $300 USD.

Archaeological And Natural Circuit
This trip consists of viewing cave paintings in La Rumorosa, visiting the panoramic observation point of the spectacular Tajo Canyon, and finally, we will camp at Laguna de Hanson. This is an enjoyable trip for the whole family.
Price per person: $125 USD.

Backpack Trip
Sierra de Juárez. Day hiking exploration through Rancho San Luis, Viewpoints, and Laguna Hanson lake.
Price per person: $150 USD.


Rare Bighorn Sheep Found in Baja

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