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We seek excellence in the quality of our services, we have advanced technology and highly trained personnel to meet the commitments made by our agents, for which the customer is always priority, providing the best protection on the market.

We provide solutions for you and your family
Today, with AUTO International Insurance Agency you can print your policy online before you leave, knowing you are insured with the best coverage available. If you do get into an accident you can call the 800 number on your policy and speak to a customer service agent in English. They will send a bilingual adjuster, right away, to the scene of the accident to help you file your claim. AUTO International Insurance Agency it easy, so you can quickly get back to vacationing.

If you are planning to travel into Mexico, your regular auto insurance may not provide the full coverage you need. The Mexican government has specific rules for liability insurance. AUTO INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE wants you to be aware of these requirements when you are driving in Mexico. Why do you need additional coverage? Your regular auto insurance may not provide any coverage for driving outside the U.S. Policies that do have foreign coverage do not normally have the additional liability coverage required. You also need to know if your current policy restricts the distance you travel.

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