AdaVis Mexican insurance
ADA VIS GLOBAL Mission Statement

Our Main office is located in southern California with a second office in Tijuana, Mexico. Both are staffed with highly qualified bi-lingual people. This helps us to better serve our clients to give them the best possible Mexico insurance coverage on the market. Many Americans and Canadians choose our Mexican insurance coverage year after year. Some of our clients included:

Fantasy RV Tours

Baja Winters RV tours

Vagabundos Del Mar Boat and Travel Club.

AdaVis Mexican insurance

We have made Mexican insurance a simple and easy task. We have toll free "800" lines for the fax and phone. In most case's coverage can be supplied in less than thirty minutes. Once your information is in our system, reactivation is as simple as dialing the telephone.

Competitive full coverage rates available on a daily and annual basis. Insurance can be arranged Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM (pacific time zone) with a simple phone call. We have a fully trained, service-oriented staff waiting for your call. Five minutes on the phone will eliminate all of the hassle at the border.

For more information on group sales, caravan packages and other discounts, contact
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