Arturo Sport Fishing - Loreto

Arturo's Sportfishing
Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Arturo Sport Fishing & Tours - Loreto The last 25 years we have dedicated our selves to the wonderful sport of sport fishing, I was born in Loreto and in the last 25 years we have built the best tourist services company in town with great knowledge in all fishing and watching areas, with a great team of local guides.

Arturo's Sport Fishing is a great team of 20 people with a fleet of 17 boats in different sizes

  • Super Pangas
  • Deluxe Super Pangas
On our fishing section you will find
  • Weekly fishing report
  • Boat pictures and information
  • Fishing Areas
  • Gallery
  • and more...
On our eco-tours section we have Guided trips to
  • Gray and blue whale watching
  • Free diving around the islands
  • Cave paintings
  • and visit to the missions

Arturo Sport Fishing
Loreto, Baja California Sur

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