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Rosarito To Ensenada Bike Ride, Fall 2004

Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride - Scenic Road
After the Halfway House, the coastal 'Free Road' continues on a little further, until it takes a sharp turn to the left and begins it's inland journey through the country side. It's in the back country where we will all face the steep hill climb everyone has been talking about. At this point it's still an easy ride with lots of spectators to cheer us on.

Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride - heading inland
Here the Toll Road continues along the coast and the Free Road takes it's turn inland. And almost immediately it starts to climb uphill, as riders start to downshift and concentrate on the climb ahead. Hey, where are those cheerleaders when we need them?

Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride - hill climb 1
After a mile or so inland you can finally see the big hill, and yes it's a long climb going up all the way. You can see how the road was cut right into the hillside. The scenery was quite amazing and the weather perfect for the ride.

Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride - hill climb 3
Did I say the weather was perfect? I must have been dreaming ... it's hot and I'm thirsty, and there's plenty more hill to go. Good thing I still have some water, and up ahead there are several rest stations with cold water and Gatorade.

Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride - hill climb 3
By now most everyone had settled into a steady pace, and some people just decided to get off their bikes and walk for a while. No sense in hurting yourself, especially if you haven't ridden in a while, and many people just took it easy going up this long hill climb.

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