Calle 64 X 57
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Tels 928-5367 / 928-6336

Alberto's Continental RestaurantNestled a few blocks off the Plaza Principal, Alberto's Continental Restaurant and Patio is indeed a national treasure. It features continental, Yucatecan, and Lebanese cuisine. The building itself dates from 1727 and was partially constructed with the shaped limestone of a small Mayan mound. A charming patio lies at its center, shaded by gigantic rubber trees, hanging vines, and flowers. The restaurant also offers an air-conditioned room for the really hot days.

While the food and ambience would make this a must on any traveller's agenda, it is the collection of bric-a-brac that Alberto has accumulated through the years that really fascinates the visitor. Mayan figures, Spanish colonial wood and metalwork, antique monastery and church paraphenalia, henequen hacienda machinery, even a few Eskimo artifacts litter the premises. Every corner offers something new and tantalizing.

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