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Private Tours in the Riviera Maya from Playa del Carmen and Cancun

When you come to the Riviera Maya, we know you expect adventure. How about an Absolute Adventure? We understand that many of you do your research on with whom to contract before you set foot in Mexico. Our goal is that you have the opportunity to appreciate what we have to offer, and understand we are the best. We offer day trip excursions that will blow your mind. Check out a little more about us below!

There is nothing like a private tour. We specialize in private tours. Whether you are staying at Playa del Carmen, Cancun or the Riviera Maya, we would be proud to assist you in having the time of your life.

We offer adventure. Adventure breeds excitement. Explore Mexico with no inhibitions, with no hassle, with no crowds. The Riviera Maya has the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. Do you want to see them? Join us! We'll organize a tour specific to your tastes. Are you a history buff? Allow us to transport you back in time to remarkable Mayan ruins! Do you want to snorkel? Give us a call! We will take you to cenotes swimming holes. We offer a unique, once in a lifetime experience that you can only achieve through Absolute Adventure.

Absolute Adventure is great for all ages and all skill levels. Are you a novice swimmer? Allow us to place you in an environment where you can enjoy the beauty of the sea and feel safe at the same time. Are you an expert in the water? By picking us, we will place you next to a Whale Shark in deep water under the supervision of a professionally trained guide. We also offer land excursions to the Mayan ruins, or activities to discover the dense jungle of the Riviera Maya.

We call our adaptability the Absolute Adventure Advantage. When you explore with us, you are at an advantage. You will be able to travel home with stories your friends can only imagine. You will experience sights that will tingle your senses and experience an environment that is not comparable to anywhere else in Mexico.

Our tours are perfect for small families or large wedding parties. We can handle children under 6 and adults over 70. We are also pleased to adapt any one of our tours to a patron with a disability.

Safety is our first priority. We provide private, air-conditioned transportation from Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and all hotels in the Riviera Maya. You will receive private transportation in new vehicles with safe drivers. At the time of your travel, you are assigned a professional, multi- lingual guide for your customized tour.

The issue with the stereotype of excursions is the high traffic areas. We do not deal with that aspect. We travel to these destinations early in the morning, or during other times of the day where the area will not be crowded by other tourists. The worst part of an adventure is when you cannot experience what you paid for due to a crowd. When you sign up with us, you will not be dealing with a run of the mill package tour. You will receive a unique experience.

Sign up today for one of Absolute Adventure's private tours which include:

- Mayan ruins visits: Tulum / Coba / Chichen Itza / Ek Balam / Muyil
  • Natural ruins are becoming a thing of the past. We will give you a blast from the past, and allow you to travel back in time by gazing upon the ruins of prior residents of the area.

- Snorkeling activities: Cenotes, Reef Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos or Tulum, Snorkeling in the Yal Ku Lagoon, Swimming with Turtles or Whale Sharks
  • Our bread and butter is our snorkeling tours. We offer snorkeling tours for all skill levels, and all ages. Whether you want to get up close and personal with wildlife, or swim among the most beautiful coral in the world, we can provide an amazing experience.

- Boat tours: Isla Mujeres, Sian Kaan Biosphere, Rio Lagartos Reserve
  • Don't want to exert the energy of swimming with wildlife or walking around ruins, sign up for a boat tour. With our boat tours, you will have the opportunity to view all the wonders of the Mexican wilderness and the sea from the comfort of a sea craft.

- ATV/Zip line tours or Horseback Riding in the Mayan Jungle
  • Speed through the trees and fly high above them, or ride on horseback through the natural terrain of the Mayan Jungle. Choosing this option will provide you a fast-paced, scenic experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

- Scuba Diving
  • Ever tried Discover Scuba Diving? You should! Let's do it under the supervision of a trained professional!
  • For certified divers, allow us to guide you through the cenotes and to drift along the amazing Cozumel drop off.

If you are looking for an action packed experience during your vacation to the Riviera Maya, please check out Absolute Adventure Mexico! We are masters in our craft and will not rest until you receive the time of your life!
snorkeling with sea turtles

Cenotes - Riviera Maya

Archaeological ruins of Tulum, Riviera Maya

Whale sharks in Mexico

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